How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment to see us you can contact  us on 021 702 996 – Call, or text if easier!  Alternatively you can contact us via the website contact form, or email on

Do I need a referral?

You can self-refer or see us via referral from your GP or other -we often receive referrals from midwives, gynaecologists, urologists and colorectal surgeons, as well as counsellors, psychologists and sex therapists, among other health and fitness professionals.

We aim to keep communication channels open with referrers as well as refer on where appropriate and necessary to provide wraparound care with a multidisciplinary team approach as needed.

How long will each appointment take?

The initial appointment will be an hour long and follow up appointments approximately 40 minutes long.

Where will I need to go for physiotherapy appointments?

We are located at 167 Cambridge Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton.

How much will each appointment cost?

Initial Pelvic Health: $170
Follow Up Pelvic Health:

Initial Pregnancy and Postnatal: $160
(up to 1 year after having your baby)

Follow Up Pregnancy and Postnatal: $115
(up to 1 year after having your baby)

ACC funding available, surcharge applies

We have Laybuy as an option to make things a bit easier too 🙂

How many appointments will I need?

This all depends on what is going on, and we will discuss this with you during your first consultation.

Will I definitely need an internal examination?

If an issue with the pelvic floor is identified then an internal examination is the best way to assess muscle function. Continence & Women’s Health Physiotherapists are specially trained to perform these examinations.

For pelvic and sexual pain patients this examination rarely occurs at the first appointment thus avoiding patient anxiety, and there is of course never any pressure to proceed with assessment or treatment unless you are absolutely comfortable.

Will my health insurance cover the cost of my appointments and products?

This depends on your health insurance policy with regard to Physiotherapy cover, its best to discuss it with your insurance provider.

How do I go about attending yoga?

At the moment Bev is taking a break from Yoga  – hopefully back soon!

How much does it cost for a Therapeutic massage?

View our pricing options below:

30 minute: $55
60 minute: $95
90 minute: $140

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